What Kind of Blogger Are You?

As I venture deeper into the blogger world, I find it difficult to figure out what kind of blogger I identify as. I know my header says Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty but it’s really hard to bunch up the stories of my life into one of those three categories.

From a PR perspective, in order to be a successful blogger, you’re going to need to have an expertise. That’s why your readers come to your website, right? To see what expert knowledge or advice you have on a particular topic. I just don’t want to lose myself in one of those three categories on my header, you know? I know that as a person, I am so much more than just narrow categories and perceptions. I’m a complex person. By subscribing to these titles, that I have given myself, I feel as though a very significant part of me is not being represented. That’s the danger of being only A Fashion Blogger.

Now this is no disrespect to the fashion blogger. Please, I wish I could be a professional/high-end fashion blogger. Who am I kidding, I could, right? Someone once told me that, we could do anything. So why can’t I be. This is just self-esteem and motivation that I need to build in myself in order to make it happen on my own.

I took this journey as a blogger not only to grow as a writer but also as a journey, and I can’t take this journey if I am squared away into three categories. Reader, don’t subscribe yourself into three categories as well. If i learned anything this year, it is that things are always denser than we like to make them out to be. Labels are comforting, but life is just so much more.



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