Hello World!

Happy Summer! I haven’t blogged for about a month now ( I know, shame on me) but I am going to try to get into a routine again with writing. This post is going to be an update on everything that has been going on, because a lot has been happening this month. Onward!


I’m a marketing intern! I made it guys. I work in the best city in the world in one of the most famous buildings in the world. Can you guess which? I have my very own desk, in the Empire State Building. This is one of the bigger reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much. I’m a full-time worker now, and I commute from Long Island to the city back and forth. Now that I’ve been working there almost a month, I’ve gotten used to the long commute. The internship is great, and I am really lucky to have such an awesome supportive system there. The management is great and my supervisor is very encouraging and helpful. Also Grandpa works downstairs so I get to see Grandpa everyday! This was a good gig to get this summer and I couldn’t be happier.


The Empire State Building on my walk to work. Super cloudy day.


HA! I’m twenty-years-old now. I didn’t make a post intentionally about my birthday for a couple of reasons. I don’t have a post that’s titled 

20 pieces of advice 


20 things every 20 year old should do in their 20s


20 different new snacks to try now that you’re an adult


20 things you can’t complain about now that you’re 20

because I think posts like that are kind of not super genuine. I didn’t have this grand revelation when I turned twenty and that’s okay. I also didn’t have some super mid-midlife crisis either. There’s nothing wrong with my teenage years being done. I by no means want to stay a teenage forever ew. I don’t plan on peaking at 20 or after college. I think if you’re afraid of getting older, that’s more what you’re afraid of, not improving as a person. You’ve got to take each year as it comes and also each decade. If I know anything, it’s that I’m not the same person I was when I was 10-years-old. So that’s awesome.




 Our Best Friends came and surprised us with Carbs and Icing YUM AGAIN.


The Birthday Girls! Lipstick games are strong.


 This is what a 20-year-old looks like. Good Grief.

Well this is all I have for today! I pinky promise to keep posting more often this summer. Have a happy summer everyone! 




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