Starting Over

The beginning of a new semester is finally here! Things are very different now. After surviving an 11 week wonderful marketing internship, it feels weird going back to studying. After seeing and talking to adults for 8 hours each day it’s strange now seeing 20-year-olds on a daily basis.

The first week of school is officially over and now I’m back to reading, studying, test taking, and blogging. The summer was a good break to find peace with myself and get my mind on the right track. I have big plans for my website and I can’t wait until it all gets to be in full swing.

The thing about blogging is that, you have to write for yourself. It’s so easy to get lost in the hype of blogging. You think you’re supposed to write certain kinds of posts, and that you’re supposed to be a certain kind of person, but really the only person you’re supposed to be is yourself.

So cheers readers, to a new school year, new beginnings, and starting over.

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