Things Are Happening

Hello Readers!

Being MIA for this long should be a crime and you guys should slap me on the knuckles or something, but I am back, and back for good.

I’ll be honest with you on the real reason I have been away so long. Branding and rebranding, and thinking about the kind of blogger I want to be or that I am is really hard. The blogging scene right now is very congested. Everyone wants to do it and everyone wants to write and now if you want a job or an edge on your competition, running your own blog is a pretty good leg up. With this kind of atmosphere being so heavy with people, it was really hard for me to stand out and shine in what I do, because I felt like, everyone else was doing it.

But this is a confidence reboot. I just received excellent news and things are happening. I will keep you guys in the know how, and instead of trying to be a blogger that I’m not, I’m just going to be me.

blog signoff


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