“I Think I Need a Sunrise”

My title is a quote from that song Augustana sang called Boston. Very Fitting. Continue. 

This post is part two in my crazy Boston adventure. Amita let me stay with her and it was very lovely and nice of her to let me bunk with her instead of pay for a hotel room in Boston. I’ll never be able to repay her for that. She doesn’t realize that she wasn’t just offering a roof over my head for the night, but she was supporting me as I get one step closer to my dreams. We all need help and support from our friends and family, and I can’t thank her enough for what she did.

Boston was great. My Amtrak got in around 3 (which was late but that’s not terrible). The Amtrak was nice because it makes me feel like I’m riding the Hogwarts Express…you know, minus all the dementors, and I got a whole seat to myself (ELBOW ROOM). When I got to Boston I had to just eat and get ready for the show. I was on a time crunch, but even after traveling for hours, I had to press on. Amita and I planned to gallivant through Boston after the show because I wanted to see the city a little bit. Who wouldn’t? Boston is beautiful and ever since the last time I went, over four years ago, I’ve always wanted to come back. Boston had different plans, because after the fashion show, it was pouring rain. Guess who didn’t want to walk around Boston in wedges in pouring rain? Instead of walking around at night in the rain, which is not a fun way to sightsee or even go out to a nice restaurant, which were our original plans, Amita and I decided to just order Chinese food and watch Netflix (Silver Linings Playbook to be exact). It felt like we were back at home in Baldwin, just picking up where we left off in the most natural way possible. If I’ve learned anything about friendship it’s that no matter how far away you are from someone or how long you don’t talk, you’re always able to just pick back up where you left off. And help a friend when she’s trying to follow her dreams (even if it’s insane). I had a night of fashion shows, beautiful cities, and traveling, but this was the best part of my night.


Chinese food and Selfies


Before the show!

The downside of having a nine AM class on a Monday, meant I had to hightail it back to PA right after the Boston show, so I had to catch an Amtrak at 8:40 am. ROUGH. Amita and I woke up before the sun did, and got ready so that I could catch my train. The rain stopped and the forecast read bright and sunny in Boston for that Sunday. The streets of Boston were empty as the sun just started to bathe the orange and yellow leaves with cool sunshine. It was as though the city who rained us out last night, did so specifically to wash the streets away of everyone so that we could explore it’s treasures on our own. With no crowds or interruption. A small parting gift from a stranger inviting me to look inside, while I still had the chance. So why not go sightseeing…now?



They say if you step in the middle of that seal you DON’T GRADUATE. So I’m playing with fire.


Amita is too.

Intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and St. Marys St.

Intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and St. Marys St.


Penn State Meets Boston. Thank you for everything.


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